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  • With a history of thoracic surgery, esophageal cancer, cardiomyopathy and a biventricular pacemaker and implantable defibrillator, Christine hadn’t just faced death in 16 years - she had actually died. Five times.

    Thanks to pioneering medical technology, she had always been brought back to life, but last year, when a hospital in her hometown Melbourne, Australia, said she was too weak to have the valve operation to treat her mitral valve disease, it looked like her luck had run out.

    At least until Philips stepped in.

    With our unique structural heart program - an integration of our image guided therapy and ultrasound products – and the work of some brilliant surgeons at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital, Christine received her trans catheter mitral valve replacement.

    To hear the surgeons talk about the operation – and to hear Christine talk about what it has meant to her – watch this video:




    Sep 15, 2016

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